executive jet management

The Benefits of Executive Jet Management

Being an owner is streamlined with EMCJET’s executive jet management program.  This program allows private jet owners to enjoy freedom from the complexities of daily flight operations and have peace of mind knowing your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the experts.

EMCJET provides Part 91 (the operation and maintenance guidelines of a non-commercial private aircraft flights) aircraft management services for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of private jet ownership without the hassles of complex flight operations and regulatory compliance.

Executive jet management benefits include:

  • PERSONNEL & FINANCE ADMINISTRATION: Recruiting, Hiring & Training Your Crew
  • SUPPLEMENTAL LIFT OPTIONS: For Travel Needs Outside Your Own Aircraft
  • REDUCED ANNUAL OPERATING EXPENSES: Fuel, Maintenance & Fleet Insurance Rates
  • GENERATE REVENUE: Our Dry Lease Pool to Offset Operating Costs
  • OVERSIGHT & COMPLIANCE: Domestic & International Regulations
  • EFFICIENT FLIGHT OPERATIONS: Maximize the Operation of Your Aircraft
  • CREW ACTIVITIES: Performed with Precision – Training, Travel & Communication
  • UNPLANNED AIRCRAFT REPAIR: Managed for Quick Trip Resumption
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Operational, Regulatory, Security & Financial
  • SAFETY EXCELLENCE: Emergency Response Plan and Safety Management System
  • AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: The Most Stringent and Extensive Support and Monitoring

EMCJET knowledgeable staff educates and takes the guesswork out of private jet ownership as the trusted executive jet management authority.