Sales & Acquisition


At EMCJET, we take pride in being your trusted advisors, guiding you through the entire process of aircraft purchasing from start to finish. With our collective expertise in the aviation industry, we are committed to providing personalized support, addressing your specific needs, and ensuring that every detail is handled with precision and professionalism. Moreover, our services extend beyond acquisition, encompassing part 91 management for ongoing care and compliance with regulatory standards. With EMCJET, you can rely on our team to be your partners in navigating the complexities of aircraft ownership, making the journey smooth and well-managed for you.

Custom Strategy

Our commitment to understanding your specific needs and preferences lays the foundation for a tailored search strategy that leverages our comprehensive market knowledge and vast global network to identify the perfect aircraft that meets your criteria. 

Guided Expertise

Throughout each phase of the process, your EMCJET Advisor will work diligently to ensure that your transaction is finalized both smoothly and efficiently, covering all necessary aspects without limitation.


Our extensive network of experienced tax and legal advisors will help you optimize the legalities of your aircraft purchase or sale. Our team can connect you with proven firms or help your existing team verify each step of the process, domestically or internationally.

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An EMCJET advisor will monitor the market trading levels of the aircraft being sold or acquired in real-time to compare to the preceding 6 and 12 months and determine if the aircraft is below or at market price. In addition to monitoring the market, your EMCJET advisor assists in all aspects of the transaction.

We’ve developed a proven 5 step process

With our active databases, research and relationships in the industry, we identify distressed sales, market facts, and situations driving below market prices.

After evaluating the aircraft, we send an initial opening offer.

We wire the deposit to a trusted escrow company enabling us to decrease risk by: (1) pre-selling each aircraft, and (2) conducting a wholesale transaction.

Each aircraft is inspected by accredited specialists to ensure we purchase clean, ready-to-fly aircraft, or receive a significant discount.

Prior to closing, we perform a detailed inspection and conduct a test flight with licensed pilots.

Our team is comprised of dedicated brokers, seasoned executives, and visionary board members, each contributing their unique skills and insights to ensure a seamless and successful experience for our clients. With a deep-rooted understanding of the aviation industry, our experts guide clients through the entire process, providing personalized solutions and strategic advice tailored to meet individual needs.