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emcjet x lilium jet

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THE First eVTOL for Private Sale in the U.S.

Lilium Jet, the pioneer in the development of the first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet, has initiated private sales of its eVTOL jets in the U.S. market through a strategic partnership with EMCJET, a leading full-service aircraft brokerage and management company. EMCJET is designated as the exclusive Lilium dealer in Texas until 2030 for private sales, solidifying a significant presence in this region.

As part of this collaboration, EMCJET has committed to a commercial agreement with Lilium, securing five production slots and facilitating the acquisition of Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets for individual buyers in the U.S. market. This marks the initial phase in Lilium's strategic approach to tap into the U.S. private aviation market, the largest in the world. The move aligns with Lilium's broader commercial strategy, commencing with a focus on the premium market before expanding into the airline and passenger shuttle segments.



The Lilium Pioneer Jet is Lilium’s planned first edition version of the Lilium Jet being sold to private individuals across the globe. The Lilium Jet is an all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet, offering leading capacity, low noise, and high performance with zero operating emissions purpose-built for regional connectivity.





Leading payload &


We are thrilled to partner with EMCJET, their proven track record aligns seamlessly with Lilium's vision of delivering an unparalleled flying experience.

Designed for versatility

The Lilium Jet can adapt for a range of customers and uses, with each configuration optimized for an unparalleled experience. The most spacious cabin arrangement is designed for private flights, with luxurious club seating. Alternatively, the cabin can be configured with 6 seats for passenger flights, or without seats to serve the zero-emissions logistics market.

Introducing the first electric vertical take-off and landing jet


About Lilium

Lilium is developing an environmentally friendly and accessible high-speed regional transportation system for both passengers and cargo. Utilizing the Lilium Jet, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, we offer superior capacity, low noise levels, and high performance, all while maintaining zero operating emissions. By collaborating with leaders in aerospace, technology, and infrastructure, and with sales and indications of interest across various regions, including Europe, the United States, China, Brazil, the UK, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lilium is actively contributing to the decarbonization of air travel.

Our team, consisting of over 800 professionals, including approximately 450 aerospace engineers, collaborates to deliver innovative solutions. Founded in 2015, Lilium is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with manufacturing facilities and teams strategically located across Europe and the U.S. For more information, please visit www.lilium.com.