EMCJET Private Aviation Charter

Trusted by Fortune 500 CEOs, Celebrities, and more since 2015.



At EMCJET, we take pride in providing an elite-class charter service which you can rely on any day anytime. EMCJET has a long standing record of providing impeccable flight services.

Reach your destination safely, comfortably and hassle free on
your luxury private jet flight. We understand your need for privacy and comfort at its premium level and as such, we've deployed our well trained and vetted air staff to cater for your needs.

Our flight booking system is no doubt one of the easiest. Simply submit a request via the EMCJET App, email or call. Your request will be processed as a soon as it reaches our online agents.

We provide the flexibility needed to make your flight a spectacular one. You can now book a flight at your own schedule. We have made traveling when you want a possibility.

Control of your itinerary

Access destinations not served with commercial airlines


At EMCJET, you are not getting just any charter plane service. We take service to the next level as we accommodate your every travel desire. From arranging your VIP transportation to ensuring your privacy onboard, we anticipate what you need before you even ask. To us, every little detail matters. No request is too little or too big for us to tackle.

• Access to 6,000+ turboprops, executive jets and airliners

• Select the exact jet make and model for each flight

• Jet aircraft charters with 24/7 availability, 365 days a year

• Dedicated 24/7 VIP concierge service and trip planning

• 4-hour notice (or less); one phone call does it all

• No airport traffic; no long security lines; no hassles

EMCJET Private Aviation Brokerage



Our professional and service-oriented team is at your fingertips 24/7. In addition to years of experience, this team is also backed by our proprietary software which allows us to pinpoint the best value for every trip.


VALUE-BASED SERVICE - “You First” is the core center of our proficient services and knowledgeable communications.  We are steadfast in delivering expert advice around private aviation needs, enabling clients to make rock-solid, educated decisions.  More than anything, our primary focus is to consistently provide clients superior value and the expert attention required in making sound private aviation investments.

UNLIMITED ACCESS - Enjoy unlimited access and travel all over the world. Your next destination awaits, as we literally take you where you want, when you want. In addition to our flexible private aviation destinations, our versatile and dynamic team members will cater to your pre-flight, during flight and post-flight requirements.

TRUSTED BROKERAGE - As industry experts and trusted aviation brokers, we eliminate the onerous task of chartering a flight and ensure that you have the best aircraft for your trip. Clients save money and time can be allocated to more pressing needs, as we successfully fulfill private aviation flight desires and deliver the best deal in no time.

AQUISITION - Set your own rules and tour the world like never before, owning a private aircraft is an enormous game changer. EMCJET’s competent private aircraft acquisition personnel navigate and advise clients through what can be an incredibly stressful and cumbersome process. We pursue the most suitable aircraft and deliver the best deal possible. We provide on-field expert guidance throughout the aircraft acquisition process, in addition to our pilots testing the aircraft to ensure it is in a pristine condition.  We take the stress of private aviation acquisition out of the equation, so you can enjoy the experience as you find your perfect aircraft. 

CONSULTING - With data-driven and deep-seated innovative thinking and strategy, we provide competent consultancy and the market information clients can continuously rely on.  Our skilled professionals offer 25 years of combined experience to deliver unsurpassed knowledge and guidance around clients’ private aviation needs.