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Trusted by Fortune 500 CEOs, Celebrities, and more since 2015.

EMCJET Private Aviation


At EMCJET, we take pride in providing an elite-class charter service which you can rely on any day anytime.

EMCJET has a long standing record of providing impeccable flight services.

Do you wish to reach your destination safely, comfortably and hassle free? We make your wishes cone true with our luxury private jet flight services.

We understand your need for privacy and comfort at its premium level and as such, we've deployed our well trained and vetted air staff to cater for your needs.

Our flight booking system is no doubt one of the easiest. All you're required to do is to send a mail or put a call through. Your request will be processed as a soon as it reaches our online agents.

We provide the flexibility needed to make your flight a spectacular one. You can now book a flight at your own schedule. We have made traveling when you want a possibility.


VALUE-BASED SERVICE - When it comes to service,our watchword is "You first". More than any other thing,our primary focus is to provide value in return for every amount you spend.

UNLIMITED ACCESS - We have an unlimited access to any part of the world. Literally, we take you were you want,when you want. Our versatile and dynamic team members are well versed in a wide range of languages.

TRUSTED BROKERAGE - Have you being overwheled by your office duties and find chattering a flight a onerous task? Don't worry. As trusted Aviation brokers, we ensure that you have the best airline chartered for your trips.We do this for you while you save time for more pressing needs.
We will connect you with high profile clients and find you a high and favourable deal in no time.

AQUISITION - Owning an aircraft can be such a big game changer. It let's you set your own rules and tour the world like never before. Our experienced aircraft acquisition personnels can help you navigate through this whole process.We seek the most suitable aircraft for you and land you the best deal possible. We will also provide you an on-field expert advise on all the process involved in your aircraft acquisition. Our pilots will test your aircraft and ensure it is in a good condition.
With our acquisition service,we make airline acquisition a fun-filled experience for you.

CONSULTING - With data-driven and deep-seated innovative thinking and strategy, we provide consultancy and market guidance you can always rely on.