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10 Factors That Determine a Private Jet Charter Cost

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A private jet charter cost is extraordinarily less expensive than jet ownership, providing many of the same perks.  Fly at your own schedule, choose your destination, and travel when, where and with whom you wish.  Climb on board when you arrive, freely move and sit comfortably in the lavish spacious area.  Relax, entertain or work along the way.  Additionally, bring your pet, appreciate 5-star gourmet cuisine, and thoroughly enjoy first-class hospitality and so much more as you reach your destination.  Travel and enjoy privacy, flexibility, and convenience in the air and beyond.

What factors determine the private jet charter cost?

  1. Aircraft Size: The bigger the plane, the more you can expect to pay. The plane choice must incorporate the number of passengers (obviously the more people the larger the plane must be), the distance you will travel (small planes can’t travel long distances and need to stop to refuel), your destination, if you require sleeping quarters and other needs that determine your choice. HelicoptersTurbo PropsLight JetsMidsize JetsSuper Midsize JetsHeavy Jets and Jumbo Jets.
  2. Distance: The further you want to travel, the greater the expense. Planes vary in the amount of fuel they can carry. International travel will obviously require a larger plan, to hold the necessary fuel to reach your destination.  Alternatively, a smaller plane can make stops to refuel, but there is cost in this as well. 
  3. Fuel Cost: Fuel costs are continuously fluctuating in daily price, accessibility and the airport chosen to refuel in.
  4. Crew: Pilots, co-pilots, and flight attendants are paid by the hour, however there may be additional fees depending upon your destination.  The crew is paid to return home, additionally, if the crew is required to stay overnight, there are costs to cover food, lodging and other expenditures related to being away from home.
  5. Amenities: Your in-flight requirements can impact costs, dependent upon catering needs, specialty crew, business requirements and all other requested accommodations.  
  6. Flight Time: Total flight time not only incorporates the flying time to your chosen destination, but also getting the aircraft to the airport you wish to depart from.
  7. Landing Airports charge landing fees to maintain their facilities. Landing fees vary at each airport and by aircraft type. The larger the aircraft, the larger the landing fee.
  8. Positioning: The aircraft needs to be positioned for each take-off and there is a charge associated with each time the aircraft needs to be positioned.
  9. Hangar: Hangars allow an aircraft to be stored until the return flight, the price varies dependent upon airport and aircraft size. In colder weather, the hanger will prevent an aircraft from ice, snow and frost.  
  10. Destination: Different destinations require various fees, taxes or other expenses beyond the plane.

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