At EMC, we provide a top-class luxury flight services. By offering a qualitative and flexible air service to our members, we fulfil our goal of making your trip not only memorable but also hassle free.

Our affordable Jet card allows you to purchase enough flying time hours that suites your flight needs. With this, we give you access to equal benefits enjoyed by private jet owners.

At EMC, we present you 3 Jet membership plans with which we save you a whole lot of time spent on booking flights.

A Jet card membership gives you an unlimited access to a 25-hour private aviation service.

An investment in our private jet card membership will save you the time and money cost of Jet ownership and maintenance also grant you access to our exceptional private jet flight.

SAFETY AND CONVINIENCE - Your safety and convenience is our topmost priority. A Jet card membership plan gives you access to a safe and comfortable luxury private flight experience.

We understand that majority of flight brokers are much more concerned about their client's safety. Due to this, we have put in place an efficient information system that communicates with your broker about the current safety conditions of their flight.

EXCLUSIVE FEES ONLY FOR JET CARD MEMBERS - If you are always on long flight schedules, a jet card membership will definitely make your journey much easier and comfortable.

We offer our jet card members a low exclusively hourly rate. This means flight costs are discounted for frequent users.

FIXED AND UPGRADABLE - Ownership of a Jet Card gives you unlimited hours on our luxury private aviation. Note that this is an all year round privileged that you will continually enjoy.

In addition to its fixed nature, you will have the liberty to upgrade to another jet size and model.

EMCJET Private Aviation


We are committed to providing you a level of care that exceeds your expectations

We are pleased to welcome you to unparalleled convenience in aviation. Ascending to our account programs is more than a formality. We are committed to providing you a level of care that exceeds your expectations. Everything you have come to appreciate about EMC Jet is raised to new heights in an increasingly remarkable experience within our 50K, 100K, 250K, and 1M level membership and reward programs.

One Rate. Zero Surprises.

Forecast yearly travel expenses with one at rate. No hidden fees, no year-end surprises. Just simple accounting so you can set it and forget it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of white-glove concierge travel service. We cater to all of your needs.

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We can arrange same day flights, ground transportation, dinner reservations — whatever you have in mind, we’ll make it happen. Our team personally caters to your every want and need, guaranteeing a smooth and restful travel experience. We have scoured the globe to arrange a diverse and top-class fleet for any excursion. We can recommend specific jets based on your preferences, or make your own selection. There is no wrong choice when it comes to our extensive collection.