EMCJET Announcement of a 100M Capital Raise for Aircraft Sales & Acquisition Division

EMCJET, one of the largest full service private aviation companies in southern USA, has been infused with a capital raise of 100M from a US investor. EMCJET primary use of the 100M+ infusion will be to act as a source of smart capital for acquisition opportunities within the worldwide broker community. EMCJET Aircraft sales division will also assist in asset-managing EMCJET'S management floating fleet of aircraft in the USA. EMCJET hired Matthew Leatherbury acting as VP of aircraft sales and acquisitions and will help oversee EMCJET aircraft investment opportunities. Leatherbury will be based in Austin, Texas EMCJET's second base of operations. " The launch of this investment will allow EMCJET to be positioned as a leading aircraft sales and acquisition specialists in the world" said: Memo Montemayor, EMCJET President & Founder.