Our exceptional Jet service also extends to clients who frequently fly two fixed locations.

By signing up for our fixed route membership,you will gain access to an exclusive benefit when travelling city pairs.

The fixed rate membership works like a Jet card,but presents more fixed flight rates. This membership plan also offer you exclusive privileges and fixed rates which make it super easy for you to estimate your flight cost . In addition,you will be privileged to make discounted Jet Charter which accommodates up to 6 passengers. This plan is highly flexible and at the same time.

100% Customizable to each individual Client, making
it truly personalized to fit your travel needs.

A Revolutionary Way To Charter

One-Click Confirmation

You can log your flight schedule with an easy click

Fixed Route-Based Rates

Our fixed route-based rate gives you a full insight of flight costs and also allow you to make adequate plans ahead of travels.

Exceptional Air Services

The fixed rate membership qualifies you for an exceptional customer-centred service all for your comfort.

Personal Routing

In addition to to an unalloyed display of class and professionalismnin air service,we acknowledge your need for privacy.

Future-Proof Travel

You can finally plan your travel expenses
with 100% accuracy knowing your travel
pricing is fixed. Giving you true control.

Ground Transportation & Catering

Avoid the cost of in-flight meals or a ride to the airport - they are on us. Enjoy a ground transportation or catering credit each time you fly.