Private Jet Trends That Are Emerging From The COVID-19 Crisis

As businesses reopen, more business travel is again becoming necessary. Of course, with airline schedules at skeleton levels, getting where you go has become more difficult. Missing a connection often means overnighting at a hub. Fewer trips can be done in a single day, and clients are still formulating policies about accepting visitors who arrive by airlines as part of their duty-of-care requirements.

At the same time, companies expect to save on trade shows, conferences and other marketing expenses. They are also expanding the number of team members who qualify for private travel. The combination has meant companies that used private aviation are expanding its usage and others that hadn’t are now giving it a try, using savings from other budget items.

Your health and safety as a dedicated customer is our #1 priority. As we always like to say, Safety Is More Than A Series Of Checkboxes, and we apply this to not only our customers, but to our certified staff as well. Recognizing the quality of our charters and customer experience is what we continuously strive for as we progress through these uncertain times.