private flights

Private Flights Make Travel Easy, Secure and Stress Free for Passengers

While there was chaos at the onset of the pandemic and flights were cancelled left and right, private flights became the most reliable source of travel.  Once travelers got a taste of private flights, it only made it that much more advantageous.  Passengers relish in the ability to arrive minutes prior to their flight and if they are running a few minutes late, the crew waits for their arrival.

Passengers skip arriving hours prior to their flights, avoid large airports, other passengers, airport security, and crowded terminals filled with strangers.  There is no wasted time in security lines, baggage checks, or waiting to board. 

Passengers are able to work continuously without interruption and are able to speak freely as others will not overhear sensitive information. Meetings can be held, or prepared for in flight, permitting passengers to arrive prepared.  If the private flight is for pleasure, passengers can entertain, enjoy music, watch movies, move around freely, and appreciate a delicious meal.  Meanwhile, their arrival has already been managed by the crew, as they will organize ground transportation.

Private flights present countless benefits, accommodations are incredibly luxurious, but the reality is that the true advantages are the convenience and efficiency.

  • Control your itinerary
  • No lengthy check-in, simply pull up and take off
  • Enjoy impeccable personal attention, comfort, and lifestyle requests
  • Access destinations not served with commercial airlines
  • Fly with complete anonymity
  • End-to-end VIP transportation and lodging reservations
  • Avoid large crowds and chaos
  • Running late, your flight waits for YOU
  • Flexible experience
  • Attend to business in flight privately  
  • No food restriction
  • No airport stress
  • Bring all the baggage you need
  • Get to your hotel or business meeting immediately and without further delay
  • Utilize travel time in a productive way
  • No wasted time
  • Fly in total comfort
  • Fly to more places around the globe
  • Pets allowed

Passengers save time, get more done, and arrive at their destination ready to work or play.

WHY EMCJET can help in all aspects of private aviation…

VALUE-BASED SERVICE - “You First” is the core center of our proficient services and knowledgeable communications.  We are steadfast in delivering expert advice around private aviation needs, enabling clients to make rock-solid, educated decisions.  More than anything, our primary focus is to consistently provide clients superior value and the expert attention required in making sound private aviation investments.

UNLIMITED ACCESS - Enjoy unlimited access and travel all over the world. Your next destination awaits, as we literally take you where you want, when you want. In addition to our flexible private aviation destinations, our versatile and dynamic team members will cater to your pre-flight, during flight and post-flight requirements.

TRUSTED BROKERAGE - As industry experts and trusted aviation brokers, we eliminate the onerous task of chartering a flight and ensure that you have the best aircraft for your trip. Clients save money and time can be allocated to more pressing needs, as we successfully fulfill private aviation flight desires and deliver the best deal in no time.

AQUISITION - Set your own rules and tour the world like never before, owning a private aircraft is an enormous game changer. EMCJET’s competent private aircraft acquisition personnel navigate and advise clients through what can be an incredibly stressful and cumbersome process. We pursue the most suitable aircraft and deliver the best deal possible. We provide on-field expert guidance throughout the aircraft acquisition process, in addition to our pilots testing the aircraft to ensure it is in a pristine condition.  We take the stress of private aviation acquisition out of the equation, so you can enjoy the experience as you find your perfect aircraft.

CONSULTING - With data-driven and deep-seated innovative thinking and strategy, we provide competent consultancy, and the market information clients can continuously rely on.  Our skilled professionals offer 25 years of combined experience to deliver unsurpassed knowledge and guidance around clients’ private aviation needs.

EMCJET offers over 25 years of experience, making all aspects of private aviation easier for all clients.